A rich story, from past to present...

Angus is steeped in tradition and has a unique culture and heritage which embraces visual and performing arts, literature and architecture. There are many museums, galleries, historic sites and buildings to be enjoyed and Angus has a rich story to tell.

The Angus culture is intertwined with the land and sea - fishermen, farmers, weavers and artists, rooted in their culture and history, with an eye to the future and a foot in the past. The people have shaped the land with their labour, and the land has shaped its people. Angus has also been home to many creative, inventive, talented, scientific and notorious people.

Whether you are looking to find out more about family from this area or would like to enjoy a fantastic heritage trail, we look forward to welcoming you to Angus.


Glamis Castle
Angus is steeped in colourful and dramatic history, and played a central role in the history and formation of the Scottish nation. Angus has a rich heritage of 18th, 19th and 20th century architecture. More on Angus places...


Tayroots Heritage
The people of Angus have a unique and dynamic culture. There are Pictish, Celtic, Scandinavian and European influences, in a culture which celebrates the many different lifestyles we live and the stories we have to tell. More on Angus people...

Family Research

Tayroots - Genealogy
Tayroots is the established genealogical arm of Angus Heritage. If you are researching your family history in this area, Tayroots can link you to local resources in the county of Angus (Forfarshire) and the City of Dundee. More on Tayroots...

Maritime Heritage Trail

Angus has a rich maritime heritage. The Angus coastline is about 35 miles long, from north of Montrose, through picturesque seaside towns and fishing villages, to the outskirts of Dundee. Many communities in Angus have made their living from the vibrant and bustling coast and each town and village along the Angus coastline has its own unique and fascinating story to tell.

The Maritime Trail is packed full of fascinating information about the history and heritage of each area as well as the people and places which make the county's coastline so unique.

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